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S1 Jobs

Working closely with S1 Jobs we developed a new brand for their new recruitment search service - S1 Select.
 The brand was then developed into promotional literature and various e-Campaigns.


The S1 Jobs brand is so recognisable in Scotland that our challenge was to create something that was recognisable as both part of S1 Jobs, and recognisably different at the same time. The S1 Select brand features a more contemporary vibe than traditional S1 Jobs branding, creating a degree of separation while still engaging and reassuring users.


We designed all of the marketing collateral for S1 Select, incorporating the colour tones and hand-drawn art style associated with the brand to create high quality print material that accurately portrays its purpose.


We ran highly successful, custom designed HTML e-campaigns alongside the launch of physical S1 Select marketing collateral in order to raise awareness of the service through digital avenues.

Image of S1 graphic
Image of S1 graphic
Image of S1 graphic
Image of S1 graphic