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Aktion gegen den Hunger / ACF International

ACF International is a global charity committed to saving the lives of malnourished children in over 40 countries. Algiz worked with ACF Germany to develop a brand and eCommerce site for the Real Gifts campaign, offering supporters the opportunity to purchase an inspired gift to help make a difference.


The brand we envisaged for the ACF Real Gifts campaign was simple and suitable for all ages in keeping with their mission to help children around the world. The brand had to have universal appeal, so we created a brand based around colourful hand-drawn animals.


To complement the ACF Real Gift campaign we designed a set of giftcards to accompany donations/purchases, solidifying the brand we designed as part of an end to end customer process.


We created a simple on-brand, universally accessible eCommerce store where users can purchase donations as gifts.


We created a short, animated video for the ACF store, presenting the concept of the Real Gift campaign by animating the animals and characters associated with the brand.